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5 Reasons Why You Should Get a Pet Rat

5 Reasons Why You Should Get a Pet Rat

After the release of the movie, Ratatouille, more and more children are interested in getting a rat as a pet.

Luckily, rats make great pets, and if you would like your child to learn how to care for an animal, a rat is a great first pet to have.

These 5 facts about rats should help you decide whether a rat is right for you.

Carrie the Rat




1. Rats are very intelligent: Rats are used in many scientific labs because they are smart. They are good at figuring out mazes and quickly learn how to use new gadgets for getting themselves food.

Rats are so intelligent that they are now used to sniff out bombs and landmines. They can detect almost all landmines, and are cheaper to use than trained dogs. Also, because the rats are much smaller than dogs, there is less chance that their own weight will set off the mine.

2. Rats can learn tricks: Having an intelligent pet means that you can train it to perform tricks on command! Many rat owners have taught their pets to come when called and to use a litter tray.

Other things you may want to teach your rat are to walk on a leash, and to understand what the word “no” means.

3. Rats are affectionate pets: Your pet rat, after getting used to you, will enjoy being handled by you and played with by you. In fact, you need to spend time with your rat each day for it to be a truly happy pet.

4. Pet rats are very clean: Rats should have absorbent litter in their cage to keep the smell down. They can easily be trained to go only in a box of litter.

5. Rats are social animals: Rats do not like to live alone. You need to have room for at least two rats if you would like a pet rat.

Your rats will play with each other and curl up together to sleep. Do not deprive your pet of this relationship!


Male and female rats should not be kept together, as they will breed.





  1. Well rats are for some a pet, but they have a bad reputation, but I still like dogs.
    Good site though.

  2. Rebuttable says : I absolutely agree with this !

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