Posted by: paperbacks | October 29, 2007

Pet Articles – October 29

Should You Buy Your Kids a Pet
Kids and pets fit together well, but often end in more work for parents. This article addresses the points to consider when making the decision to get a family pet. The article addresses the basic points you should ALWAYS consider when getting a new pet, as well as the best way for your kids to help care for the animal.

A List of Dogs that Keep Shedding to a Minimum
One of the problems of having a pet is the added cleaning chores. This article provides a list of dogs that shed very little, or not at all

Five Ways to Keep Your Bird Entertained While You’re Away
This article has some creative tips to make sure your pet bird is happy while you’re at work. All pets need attention and entertainment to prevent destructive behavior. This article will help you improve your life and relationship with your pet bird.


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