Posted by: paperbacks | October 12, 2007

Useful Pet Articles October 12

Check out these articles about pets!

Caring for Your New Puppy’s Health
Read all about the vaccinations and vet treatments puppies need.

Does Your Dog Shed All Over Your House?
This article gives tips on how to control and deal with shedding. The tips include foods that help reduce shedding, good grooming habits, and how to tell when the shedding is related to a health problem.

Poison Training Your Dog
If your dog roams free, you may want to poison-train him. This means that you will teach your dog not to take food from strangers that may be poisonous.

Halloween Safety Tips: How to Prevent and Treat Chocolate Poisoning in Dogs
Chocolate can be deadly to dogs. This article gives some tips on how to prevent your dog from getting chocolate poisoning, and how to prepare in case he does!

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