Posted by: paperbacks | October 6, 2007

How to Make a Dog Halloween Costume

Halloween costumes on dogs can be cute, and a little pathetic. Some pets just won’t stand for wearing a Halloween costume all night, but if your dog is used to wearing some clothes, or just laid back, here are some ideas. I looked for McCall pet costume patterns, and then came up with some more ways to use those patterns to make your dog’s Halloween costume. I also added in some ideas for how your costume can match your dog’s Halloween costume. You can buy this pattern at your local Jo-ann’s or Wal-Mart.

If would like to make a more complicated costume for your dog, I have included some photos of other people’s creative costumes to inspire you.

Make your Dog a Halloween Costume from a Basic Sweater Pattern:
Pattern M5544 from McCall

Santa Dog Costume: Make a doggy sweater out of red fabric with white trim. Addition: if your dog will stand to wear something on his head as part of his Halloween costume, you can add a little hood to the sweater. To match your dog’s costume, you could dress up as Santa’s elf.

Prisoner Dog Costume: Make your dog an orange sweater with a number on his back. You can use iron-on-transfer letters to put the number on. To match your dog’s Halloween costume here, you can dress up as a fellow prisoner, or as a prison guard or policeman.

Lobster Dog Costume: Make the sweater with the hood, out of red or orange fabric. Then, add eyes to the hood and legs along the sides of the sweater. To match this dog costume, you could dress up as any number of things. Your costume could be a fellow lobster, or perhaps a chef, or you could dress up as the Little Mermaid and your dog can be Sebastian.

Bumblebee Dog Costume: Make the sweater out of striped black and yellow material. Put antennae on the hood. If you can find something that could look like a refracting bee eye, add it to the costume!

Here are some photos of some more complicated, creative dog Halloween costumes to inspire you.

Spider Dog

Photos from Flickr:



  1. nice costumes like #4!!!

  2. okay those are pretty cool but you should check out these other ones. they are voted the top 10 pet costumes. they are pretty cool too

  3. Great ideas on dog costumes I love them all especially the tarantula !! So very cute and great creative ideas!!

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