Posted by: paperbacks | October 6, 2007

Donate to the ASPCA

The ASPCA organization promotes animal welfare through lobbying and providing expert information on pet care. They research and share their views on all matters of animal welfare, from ethical pet keeping to humane trapping. They run the ASPCA Humane Law Enforcement Division, which you may have seen on the TV show “Animal Precinct” on Animal Planet.

October is Adopt a Shelter-Dog Month, and even if you cannot adopt a dog, the ASPCA website allows you to sponsor one. If you have some free time, but don’t want another pet, you may also foster one. Also, there are many other animals up for adoption at different SPCA shelters, from smaller pets to farm animals. We adopted a beautiful pony, Pippin, from Nevin’s Farm, a Massachusetts SPCA farm.

The ASPCA website shows dogs up for adoption, dogs that you can sponsor for $18 a month (that’s only $0.60 a day–you probably spend twice this on coffee every day).

They have many way to contribute. Every month they offer different animals for sponsorship. You can also become a member of the ASPCA, or join the Founders’ Society. They will help you set up “planned giving,” which allows you to build donations to the ASPCA into your will. They also list which employers will match employee donations to the ASPCA.

You can donate in someone else’s name as a birthday gift to that person. In fact, some children choose to have their guests all donate to a chosen charity instead of giving them birthday presents. You can also have your friends donate to your favorite charity as a wedding gift for you. Check out Party it Forward to learn more about this.

The ASPCA is based in New York, so if you would like to directly help a more local shelter, check the yellow pages and get in touch with them. Also, your state may have it’s own SPCA organization, like Massachusetts.


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