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Description: Bulldogs, also known as English Bulldogs, have short, fine fur, and wrinkled skin around their heads. The male Bulldog weighs about 50 pounds, while the female Bulldog can get up to 40 pounds. Bulldogs are short and stocky dogs and have an appearance stability and strength. The American Kennel Club breed standard suggests that the ideal Bulldog temperament is outgoing, but friendly, calm and non-aggressive. Some Bulldogs need a little extra training to learn their place in the family hierarchy, but with a little patience, even these stubborn ones make great pets.

Bulldogs are reported to be very gentle with children and loyal to their families. However, considering that they are bred to bait bulls, they can make good guard dogs. They generally get along with other pets, although you should always be careful when introducing animals to each other.

Health Problems: Like many dogs, Bulldogs may have hip and knee issues. Due to the way Bulldogs are bred, some are born with difficulty breathing, and all are prone to breathing problems. Related to this, most Bulldogs snore loudly. The Bulldog may face digestion issues, leading to unpleasant side effects and smells. Also, watch out for skin problems.

Exercise/Living Conditions: Bulldogs are not very active, so they can be kept in an apartment, without a yard. Of course, while they may not enjoy exercise, a little is good for their health and will keep their weight down. Like Chihuahuas they get cold easily, so should not be exposed to very cold or very hot weather.

Life Expectancy: 8 years

Grooming: Bulldogs are short-haired dogs, but do need brushing. Their wrinkles may get dirt trapped in them, and chafe into sores, so they should be wiped out with a damp cloth every day. They shed an average amount.

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Information from:
American Kennel Club
Dog Breed Info


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