Posted by: paperbacks | September 20, 2007

Allergic to Cats

Allergies prevent many people from owning cats. Some people want the cat so much, they try to live with their allergies, or get stronger medication more frequently. A company called Allerca, Inc. answered that demand by breeding a hypoallergenic cat.

However, the waiting lists are so long at the moment that the company is going to stop taking orders for a year—effective September 30, 2007. To receive a kitten within 12 months, you are asked to order “Premium Placement,” which is an extra $1,950 on top of the price of the kitten. A standard order only guarantees a kitten within 2 years.

And what does the standard option cost?


The website argues that although the cost seems high, the other options that allow a person with allergies to own a cat may cost just as much. Allergists suggest that replacing carpet with wood, buying an expensive air filter, and switching from curtains to vinyl blinds may help allergic people to live with a cat.

Well, I’m not sure that you’d really need to spend $6,000 to make your house lower in allergens, but it’s something to keep in mind. Incidentally, the kittens still shed; they just do not produce the proteins that all other cats do, which is what causes cat allergies. However, some existing breeds of cats do produce less of this protein, such as the Siberian Cat, and this may be another option for allergy sufferers.


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